Biophilic Lighting

Løkken Oval Planter

Lökken Oval Planter Pendant: Where Nature Meets Elegance. Immerse yourself in the perfect fusion of natural beauty and captivating illumination with our exquisite pendant light. The Lökken Oval Planter brings the tranquillity of nature into any space, while adding a touch of sophistication to your interior design. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this pendant light allows you to showcase real plants, creating a serene oasis that complements your unique style. With three sizes to choose from and a wide range of finishes, including bespoke options, the Lökken Planter offers endless possibilities to illuminate your surroundings and connect with nature in a truly remarkable way.

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Technical Data

Code Frame Finish Size Max No Planters/ Shade Holders
LKNB/OV/3X2 Black 1769 X 869 10
LKNB/OV/4X2 Black 2069 X 869 12
LKNB/OV/5X2 Black 2369 X 869 14
LKNB/OV/3X3 Black 1769 X 1169 12
LKNB/OV/4X3 Black 2069 X 1169 14
LKNB/OV/5X3 Black 2369 X 1169 16
LKNB/OV/3X4 Black 1769 X 1469 14
LKNB/OV/4X4 Black 2069 X 1469 16
LKNB/OV/5X4 Black 2369 X 1469 18

Lamp Holder Finish


Glass Planter

  • LKN/GLASS/PLANTER Clear Glass Planter Pot