Biophilic Lighting

Løkken Partition

Immerse your workspace in the natural beauty and luminous charm of the Løkken Partition, a living space divider light meticulously crafted for modern offices. Beyond its aesthetic sophistication, this unique piece seamlessly integrates the tranquillity of nature into your environment. By assigning each employee a plant to care for, the Løkken Partition fosters a sense of responsibility and strengthens the connection with nature in the workplace, contributing to a positive and invigorating atmosphere.

Tailored for office zoning, the Løkken Partition serves as a versatile solution to divide spaces while incorporating the therapeutic presence of real plants. Its diverse range of finishes, including customisable options like glass engraving, offers endless opportunities to illuminate your surroundings and deepen your connection with nature, making it a truly remarkable addition to your workspace.

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Technical Data

Code Description Size Max No Planters/ Shade Holders Frame Finish
LKNG/STW/12X5 5 layered biophilic living feature partition 3719x1833 60 Gold

Lamp Holder Finish


Glass Planter

  • LKN/GLASS/PLANTER Clear Glass Planter Pot

Frame Finish

  • B Black
  • W White
  • G Gold

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