Elevate your surroundings with the latest additions to the Lokken living planter family – the Lokken Wall and Lokken Partition. These innovative solutions seamlessly blend nature with functionality, complementing the already existing Lokken Planter and Lokken Oval Planter Pendant in our range.

Lokken Wall – Illuminate Your Space

Picture a living wall that not only brings nature into your environment but also doubles as a functional feature light. Meet the Lokken Wall – a groundbreaking living wall feature lighting system designed to redefine your space in ways you never imagined. This unique creation effortlessly marries the beauty of greenery with the practicality of functional lighting. Whether creating a stunning focal point in any room or infusing a breath of fresh air into your workplace, the Lokken Wall epitomises the perfect synergy between aesthetics and innovation. Join us in basking in the harmonious glow of nature while enjoying the subtle illumination that the Lokken Wall seamlessly brings to your surroundings.

Lokken Partition – Define Your Space

In today’s dynamic world, flexibility is paramount, especially in commercial spaces. Enter the Lokken Partition – a living partition wall designed to divide, define, and enhance your environment. This innovative solution allows you to create zoning solutions in your space while maintaining a vital connection with nature. Bringing a touch of greenery to your surroundings, the Lokken Partition offers practical functionality in redefining your workspace, creating collaborative zones, or establishing a sense of separation without sacrificing the benefits of nature. A versatile addition to the Lokken family, the Lokken Partition is crafted to adapt to the evolving needs of modern spaces.

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