Synergy has become Synergy Creativ. It’s the same great Synergy service, but that is not all. Synergy has now expanded to become a design hub that creates more than just lighting solutions for commercial interiors. Synergy Creativ now offers a large range of workspace, acoustic, biophilic and decorative lighting all under one roof. The team collaborates closely with architects, designers and specifiers to provide people-centric lighting for projects across the workplace, hospitality and commercial interiors sectors in the UK and Europe.

Svelto Architectural Lighting

Svelto’s range of lighting solutions is ideal for workspaces, hospitality and retail spaces offering both functional and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions. Synergy Creativ’s Svelto architectural lighting range has been configured to aid compliance with all major UK and EU office lighting guidelines, giving you total peace of mind when specifying light fittings.

Ekko Acoustic Solutions

Using a material made up of 60% recycled plastic bottles, Ekko is a range of acoustic lighting solutions that illuminates meeting, breakout and wellbeing spaces. Audible comfort being a key consideration for employers and designers means the team at Ekko are experts in noise reduction to help support happy and healthy workspaces. The new Ekko range of beautifully designed and British-made acoustic solutions dampen and absorb sound for team wellbeing and efficiency. Ekko lights can be specified in a large range of colours and help create private spaces within open-plan interiors.

Strom + Overgaard

The wellbeing of teams in the office is now firmly at the centre of most company cultures today. This is why Synergy Creativ offers Strom + Overgaard Biophilic Lighting. Biophilia not only brings life to a space but helps improve the wellbeing of its users. Strom + Overgaard combines the use of plants, acoustics, and lighting to supply a human-centric solution for commercial interiors. Strom + Overgaard products improve air quality, dampen sound and create a strong visual impact, ideal for a variety of spaces within the commercial interiors sector such as offices, schools and wellbeing-focused service providers.


The Pendantic collection is designed to bring emotion, delight and beauty into the space in which it is used, combining contemporary design, traditional craftsmanship and dedication to quality. Pendantic’s statement decorative lighting stands out from the crowd and is ideal for commercial, luxury, residential and hospitality interiors.

Synergy Creativ is a Carbon Footprint Standard certified carbon-neutral plus company. We reuse and recycle our materials and are strongly committed to our mission to make the world a better place. Our electrical engineers are at your disposal along with all the technical data you need when you need it and in the right format. Synergy Creativ is your commercial Interior design hub. Get in touch today for the 2023 lookbook, a showroom visit or a quote.