We are thrilled to announce two new additions to the Smart Pro emergency lighting family: the Smart Pro Track Emergency Lighting and the Smart Pro High Output Emergency Lighting. These innovative solutions are designed to enhance safety, efficiency, and style in any environment. These new products join the original Smart Pro Emergency Spotlight, expanding our range of reliable and advanced emergency lighting solutions.

Smart Pro Track Emergency Lighting: Compact, Reliable, Essential

The Smart Pro Track Emergency Lighting is your ultimate solution for seamless and reliable emergency illumination. This sleek, compact lighting unit clips easily into any standard lighting track, featuring a corridor lens for optimal hallway lighting. Equipped with long-lasting LEDs, it provides bright and efficient illumination with a 3-hour discharge period and a 24-hour recharge time. Its non-maintained, self-contained design includes DALI compatibility for seamless integration with advanced lighting systems. Available in black or white finishes and rated IP40 for durability, this lighting solution ensures both safety and style.

Key features of the Smart Pro Track Emergency Lighting include:

  • Effortless Integration: Clips into standard lighting tracks for easy installation.
  • Corridor Lens: Optimised for effective hallway illumination.
  • Superior Performance: Long-lasting LEDs with a 3-hour discharge and 24-hour recharge.
  • Advanced Functionality: Non-maintained, self-contained unit with DALI compatibility.
  • Stylish & Durable: Available in black or white finishes, IP40 rated.

Smart Pro High Output Emergency Lighting: Efficient and Versatile

Introducing the Smart Pro High Output Emergency Lighting, an efficient and versatile solution designed to minimise the number of fittings required. With DALI compatibility as standard (also functional in non-DALI systems), it ensures seamless integration and easy installation with BESA mountability. This lighting fitting includes both corridor and wide-angle lenses, and can be recessed by removing the surface mount collar, making it adaptable to various settings. The high output design ensures superior emergency illumination, making it an ideal choice for reducing installation costs and complexity.

Key features of the Smart Pro High Output Emergency Lighting include:

  • Efficient Design: Reduces the number of fittings needed.
  • DALI Compatibility: Standard, but also usable in non-DALI systems.
  • Easy Installation: BESA mountable.
  • Versatile Lens Options: Includes corridor and wide-angle lenses.
  • Recessed Mounting: Option to remove surface mount collar for recessed installation.

Original Smart Pro Emergency Spotlight: Trusted Performance

The original Smart Pro Emergency Spotlight remains a cornerstone of our emergency lighting offerings. This self-contained spotlight features a built-in reflector to achieve efficient output and includes an autotest option for regular self-checks. With a 3-hour duration and a three-year warranty, it provides reliable performance and peace of mind. The Smart Pro can be surface mounted or recessed and features an integral bi-colour indicator for easy status monitoring.

Key features of the Smart Pro Emergency Spotlight include:

  • Reliable Duration: 3-hour battery life during power outages.
  • Built-in Reflector: Achieves efficient light output.
  • Autotest Option: Regular self-checks ensure functionality.
  • Flexible Mounting: Surface mounted or recessed installation options.
  • Bi-Colour Indicator: Easy status monitoring.

Please note that the Smart Pro Emergency Spotlight requires a 52-hour uninterrupted power supply for self-commissioning, which includes a full 24-hour power-up, a 3-hour duration test, and another 24-hour power-up. Prior to self-commissioning, luminaires will only function for 20 seconds in emergency mode to avoid discharging batteries.

The Smart Choice for Modern Emergency Illumination

The Smart Pro emergency lighting family offers a range of solutions engineered for simplicity, effectiveness, and flexibility. Whether you are updating an existing system or installing new emergency lighting, our products provide reliable and aesthetically pleasing solutions that ensure safety in any environment. Stay prepared and ensure safety with the new Smart Pro emergency lighting solutions – the smart choice for modern emergency illumination.