Architectural Lighting

Starr LED Linear Suspended or Surface

Starr LED linear is made in the UK, pre-wired and available for next working day delivery if ordered before 1pm (3/4 days for emergency versions). Part of the new Synergy Fast Track Range for electrical contractors. The Starr LED linear luminaire 4000K comes in a black finish, opal diffuser, Tridonic boards and a 5-year warranty. Made in the UK.

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Key Characteristics


  • 5 year warranty
  • Tridonic
  • Next Day Delivery

Key Features

  • 5 year warranty
  • Next Day Delivery
  • Tridonic

Technical Data

Code Description Emergency type Delivered Lumens Size Total System Wattage
STRLIB/1/OS/D/1128/4K8 DALI No 3368lm 1128mm 35W
STRLIB/1/OS/D/1128/4K8/E DALI Manual Test 3368lm 1128mm 35W
STRLIB/1/OS/D/1688/4K8 DALI No 5053lm 1688mm 52.8W
STRLIB/1/OS/D/1688/4K8/E DALI Manual Test 5053lm 1688mm 52.8W
STRLIB/1/OS/D/2248/4K8 DALI No 6737lm 2248mm 70.4W
STRLIB/1/OS/D/2248/4K8/E DALI Manual Test 6737lm 2248mm 70.4W
STRLIB/1/OS/F/1128/4K8 Fixed Output No 3368lm 1128mm 35W
STRLIB/1/OS/F/1128/4K8/E Fixed Output Manual Test 3368lm 1128mm 35W
STRLIB/1/OS/F/1688/4K8 Fixed Output No 5053lm 1688mm 52.8W
STRLIB/1/OS/F/1688/4K8/E Fixed Output Manual Test 5053lm 1688mm 52.8W
STRLIB/1/OS/F/2248/4K8 Fixed Output No 6737lm 2248mm 70.4W
STRLIB/1/OS/F/2248/4K8/E DALI Fixed Output Manual Test 6737lm 2248mm 70.4W