Why is LED Linear Lighting always black, white or grey? It is very boring, what’s wrong with colour? It’s seem that, like the Ford Model T, commercial interior designers still want commercial LED linear lighting in every colour so long as it is black. Here at Synergy Commercial Lighting, we believe that colour is life. Colour is increasingly being used in the workspace and commercial interior design; not just to reflect the companies brand identity but to promote wellness, creativity and productivity. Brand identity is more than the company colours and it is fine to use colours within the workspace that reflect company values and identity even if they are not in the logo. You can read an expert guide to the Psychology of colour here

The question is why is the same bold use of colour not applied to LED linear office lighting? Well, it is slowly starting to, and Synergy customers are asking for custom RAL colours for their LED linear outside of the usual black. Here at Synergy we are always delighted to respond to customer demand and are now offering an expanded range of standard colours for the Polaris LED linear lighting range. These vibrant new colours included: White RAL 9016, Black RAL 9005, Anodised Aluminium, Red RAL 3020, Blue RAL 5010, Yellow RAL 1018, Green RAL 6001, Matt Copper and Matt Gold. These bold colours and metallic shades have become increasingly trendy through 2017 and 2018 with no signs of this decreasing as we head towards 2019.

Available for Polaris 1 LED LinearPolaris 3 Recessed LED Linear, Polaris 8 Recessed LED Linear, Polaris 14 LED Linear Suspended, Polaris 16 LED Linear, Polaris 17 LED Linear Suspended, The Tube Suspended LED Linear.

As ever if you want a custom RAL colour for your LED linear lighting that’s no problem and can be arranged by special request. If you would like to get in touch with one of our lighting consultants to discuss your requirements Contact us.