In 2023, it is expected that LED linear lighting will continue to be a popular choice for commercial lighting applications due to its energy efficiency, versatility, and long lifespan. Some of the trends in commercial LED linear lighting for 2023 include:

Increased focus on sustainability: With the growing emphasis on sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of buildings, LED linear lighting is expected to play a significant role in reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions in commercial spaces. This can include refurbishing or retrofitting older fittings with the latest LED technology to support the circular economy.

Advancements in lighting technology: LED lighting technology continues to evolve, and 2023 is likely to see further advancements in areas such as colour rendering, tuneable white, and wireless control, among others. This type of lighting is really for the wellbeing of people using the space being lit. Typically the lights are programmed to mimic the natural variations in light intensity and colour temperature that occur throughout the day, with cooler, bluer light in the morning and warmer, redder light in the evening.

Integration with other building systems: LED linear lighting is expected to become increasingly integrated with other building systems, such as lighting control systems, building management systems, and the Internet of Things (IoT), to improve energy efficiency and enhance the user experience.

Aesthetic designs: LED linear lighting is becoming more versatile, with an increasing range of designs, shapes, profiles and finishes available to meet the needs of different commercial spaces.

Enhanced functionality: LED linear lighting is expected to become more functional, with features such as adjustable colour temperature, dimming capabilities, and improved optics becoming increasingly common to improve energy efficiency and wellbeing.

Modular lighting: Modular lighting systems offer several advantages over traditional lighting systems. They are highly customisable, allowing users to create unique lighting arrangements that meet their specific needs. They are also easy to install and maintain, as individual modules can be easily swapped out or replaced as needed to help support the circular economy. Additionally, modular lighting systems can be more energy-efficient than traditional lighting systems, as users can add or remove modules as needed to optimise their lighting output for their specific needs.

Overall, the trend in commercial LED linear lighting in 2023 is expected to be towards more energy-efficient, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing lighting systems that are integrated with other building systems and technologies.

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