The Project

In collaboration with Office Innovations, Synergy Creativ embarked on an exciting project to supply acoustic lighting to the 5000 sq ft office space of the esteemed legal firm, Shakespeare Martineau, located in Stratford. The aim was to create a dynamic, vibrant, and functional workplace that would inspire creativity, collaboration, and productivity. Synergy Creativ’s expertise in innovative lighting solutions played a key role in transforming the office space into a modern, cool, and inviting environment.

The Challenge

The project presented several challenges that needed to be addressed to ensure the successful integration of the acoustic and decorative lighting solutions:

Acoustic Functionality: Meeting and board rooms often face challenges with noise and sound disturbances during important discussions. The objective was to implement acoustic lighting solutions that would double as sound-absorbing features, reducing ambient noise and improving the overall room acoustics.

Aesthetic Appeal: The office design aimed to incorporate a unique blend of upcycled elements and biophilic design, ensuring a balance between a fun, vibrant atmosphere and a professional working environment. The decorative pendant lighting had to align seamlessly with this design philosophy.

Timeline: With a tight deadline of 10 weeks, Synergy Creativ had to efficiently manage the design, manufacturing, and installation processes to complete the project on schedule without compromising on quality.

The Solution

Synergy Creativ developed a range of innovative acoustic lighting fixtures specifically designed for the meeting and board rooms. These fixtures were carefully integrated into the ceilings, providing both functional lighting and effective sound absorption. The use of premium acoustic materials ensured that the fixtures effectively absorbed sound, reducing echoes and creating a more conducive environment for meetings and discussions.

To align with the office’s cool and vibrant design theme, Synergy Creativ designed and supplied a collection of decorative pendant lights. Throughout the project, Synergy Creativ worked closely with Office Innovations and their design team to understand the client’s vision and requirements fully. This collaborative approach ensured that the lighting solutions not only met the functional and aesthetic needs of the space but also aligned with Shakespeare Martineau’s brand identity and corporate culture.

Project Info

Client: Office Innovations

Location: Stratford

The Results

Enhanced Acoustic Performance: The installation of acoustic lighting fixtures significantly improved the acoustic environment in the meeting and board rooms. Sound absorption capabilities reduced distractions, leading to more productive and focused discussions.

Vibrant and Sustainable Workplace: The decorative pendant lighting with upcycled elements brought a unique and eco-friendly charm to the office. The incorporation of biophilia fostered a sense of connection with nature, promoting employee well-being and creativity.

Increased Productivity and Morale: The new lighting solutions contributed to a positive and inspiring atmosphere, boosting employee morale and overall productivity. The dynamic and cool office design has become a source of pride for Shakespeare Martineau’s team, making them more eager to work in the space.

Lighting Delivered:

Products Used

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