Acoustic Lighting Solutions


A PET corrugated raft design, this feature light can be used as a ceiling detail over desking and break out areas and to create zones within a space. PET acoustic material is 60% recycled and 100% recyclable, offering sustainable solutions for acoustic improvement.
PET felt is made from recycled plastic bottles that are collected, compressed, shredded, and melted down to create granulate, or plastic flakes.
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Technical Data

Code Type Length Width Height Accepts Luminaire Control
DMND/1250x0800/***/PB Accepts light 1250 800 40 Polaris N1 - 800mm DALI
DMND/1250x1080/***/PB Accepts light 1250 1080 40 Polaris N1 - 800mm DALI
DMND/1650x0800/***/PB Accepts light 1650 800 40 Polaris N1 - 1200mm DALI
DMND/1650x1080/***/PB Accepts light 1650 1080 40 Polaris N1 - 1200mm DALI
DMND/1250x0800/***/2L Plain raft 1250 800 40
DMND/1250x1080/***/2L Plain raft 1250 1080 40
DMND/1650x0800/***/2L Plain raft 1650 800 40
DMND/1650x1080/***/2L Plain raft 1650 1080 40