The Project

BentallGreenOak, located at 20 St James’s Street, London, SW1A, was a prestigious architectural project that required a significant amount of bespoke low-glare LED linear lighting. Ambit, the project’s designers, sought to create a lighting design that would complement the building’s architectural features, particularly its concrete ceiling. To meet this challenge, Ambit commissioned Synergy Creativ, a leading lighting solutions provider, to deliver custom-made lighting fixtures within a tight 8-week build schedule. This case study highlights how Synergy Creativ successfully supplied the required bespoke lighting, including low glare linear lighting, box pendants, and feature LED linear installations, ensuring the project was completed on time and within budget, leading to highly satisfied clients.

The Challenge

Design Complexity: The project required a considerable number of bespoke low-glare linear lighting fixtures with intricate angles to precisely follow and echo the architectural features of the building, particularly the concrete ceiling. This demanded meticulous planning and attention to detail to ensure a cohesive and visually appealing lighting solution.

Time Constraints: With an 8-week build schedule, the project timeline was highly demanding. Synergy Creativ needed to streamline its production processes to efficiently manufacture and deliver the bespoke lighting fixtures within the designated timeframe, without compromising on quality.

Budgetary Considerations: Meeting the client’s budgetary constraints while delivering a high-quality, custom lighting solution was a key challenge. Synergy Creativ needed to optimize its resources and find cost-effective ways to create bespoke lighting without compromising on the desired aesthetics or functionality.

The Solution

Meticulous Design and Engineering: Synergy Creativ’s experienced design team collaborated closely with Ambit to develop bespoke low-glare linear lighting fixtures that seamlessly integrated with the architectural features of BentallGreenOak. The team utilized advanced design software and expertise to create lighting solutions that precisely followed the angles and contours of the building, specifically the concrete ceiling.

Efficient Production and Timely Delivery: Recognizing the project’s tight deadline, Synergy Creativ implemented streamlined production processes and closely managed its supply chain to ensure timely delivery of the bespoke lighting fixtures. The company’s strong network of suppliers and manufacturers enabled them to meet the project’s requirements within the specified timeframe.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Synergy Creativ leveraged its industry knowledge and expertise to identify cost-effective materials and manufacturing techniques without compromising on quality. By optimizing resources and collaborating with trusted partners, the company delivered bespoke lighting solutions that adhered to the client’s budgetary constraints.

Exceptional Customer Service: Throughout the project, Synergy Creativ maintained open lines of communication with Ambit and the client. The company provided regular updates, addressed any concerns promptly, and ensured that the clients’ expectations were not only met but exceeded. Synergy Creativ’s commitment to exceptional customer service contributed to the overall success of the project.

Project Info

Client: Ambit

Location: London

The Results

ynergy Creativ’s dedication to delivering bespoke low glare linear lighting, box pendants, and feature LED linear installations to Bentall Green Oak resulted in the successful completion of the project. The company supplied the required lighting fixtures within the challenging 8-week build schedule, allowing for a seamless integration of lighting design into the architectural space. Furthermore, Synergy Creativ’s cost-effective approach ensured that the project was completed within the client’s budget, further enhancing client satisfaction.

The bespoke lighting solutions provided by Synergy Creativ not only met the functional requirements but also enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the space. The clients were delighted with the end result, appreciating the attention to detail, timely delivery, and overall excellence demonstrated by Synergy Creativ throughout the project.

Synergy Creativ’s collaboration with Ambit to supply bespoke low-glare linear lighting for the BentallGreenOak project exemplifies the company’s ability to overcome complex challenges within tight schedules. By employing meticulous design, efficient production, cost-effective solutions, and exceptional customer service, Synergy Creativ successfully delivered a lighting solution that satisfied both the functional and aesthetic objectives of the project. The positive outcome of the Bentall Green Oak project further reinforces Synergy Creativ’s position as a trusted provider of innovative and customised lighting solutions for commercial architectural projects.

Lighting Delivered:

Products Used

Polaris 1 UGR19 LED Linear Luminaire Polaris Box LED Square Linear Pendant