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Polaris 1 UGR19 LED Linear Luminaire

UGR19 Low Glare LED Linear Luminaire Polaris 1. After 9 months of research and development Synergy Commercial Lighting is proud to introduce this low glare UGR<19 linear LED luminaire which helps to support a UGR19 compliant lighting scheme. UGR19 compliant linear lighting schemes have become an important trend in offices and commercial fit-outs lately. Specifiers are increasingly looking to use low glare linear luminaires to support UGR<19 lighting schemes that comply with the CIBSE UGR19 office lighting guideline. Synergy Commercial Lighting has listened to customer demand and now offers this range of UGR19 supporting low glare LED Linear Lighting. Unlike other commercial LED linear lighting Synergy’s unique diffuser prevents LED spotting and the bike reflector look, meaning architects and commercial interior designers can have the continuous lines of LED linear lighting that is so desirable and helps meet UGR19 guidelines.

Looking for an opal version? Polaris 1 LED Linear 

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Key Characteristics


  • Art and culture spaces
  • Commercial and business areas
  • Hotel and restaurants
  • Housing
  • Offices
  • Public buildings


  • Contemporary style luminaire design
  • Custom-fit options available
  • Energy efficient solution


  • Corners / Intersections
  • Die-cast aluminium end caps
  • Extruded aluminium
  • Hexa-microprism diffuser
  • Polycarbonate diffuser


  • 95 lm/W
  • Continuous Format
  • European Conformity
  • High efficiency LED boards
  • Power Over Ethernet
  • Range of length options
  • Tridonic or Philips
  • Tunable White Option
  • UGR17.7
  • Wide-beam light distribution
  • Wireless Control Option

Key Features

  • Continuous Format
  • Corners / Intersections
  • Power Over Ethernet
  • Tridonic or Philips
  • UGR17.7
  • Smart Lighting Option
  • Power Over Ethernet
  • Pre-Wiring Available

Technical Data

Code Delivered Lumens Efficacy Size Total System Wattage
P1IB/HX/F/0600/4K8 1221lm 103.5llm/cw 600mm 11.8W
P1IB/HX/F/0885/4K8 1830lm 104.0llm/cw 885mm 17.6W
P1IB/HX/F/1165/4K8 2444lm 105.3llm/cw 1165mm 23.2W
P1IB/HX/F/1450/4K8 3052lm 105.6llm/c 1450mm 28.9W
P1IB/HX/F/1730/4K8 3665lm 105.0llm/cw 1730mm 34.9W
P1IB/HX/F/2015/4K8 4274lm 105.0llm/cw 2015mm 40.7W
P1IB/HX/F/2295/4K8 4887lm 104.9llm/cw 2295mm 46.6W
P1IB/HX/F/2580/4K8 5496lm 104.9llm/cw 2580mm 52.4W
P1IB/HX/F/2860/4K8 6108lm 104.9llm/cw 2860mm 58.2W
P1IB/HX/F/3145/4K8 6717lm 105.0llm/cw 3145mm 64W
P1IB/HX/F/3425/4K8 7331lm 104.7llm/cw 3425mm 70W
P1IB/HX/F/3710/4K8 7939lm 104.7llm/cw 3710mm 75.8W
P1IB/HX/F/3990/4K8 8552lm 105.2llm/cw 3990mm 81.3W
P1IB/HX/F/4275/4K8 9161lm 105.1llm/cw 4275mm 87.2W
P1IB/HX/F/4555/4K8 9774lm 105.0llm/cw 4555mm 93.1W

Finish Options


  • B Black 9005
  • RAL Any RAL by request
  • S Silver 9006
  • SFX Special Effect Finish
  • W White 9016

Optical Options


  • Direct

CCT Options


  • 3K8 3000K
  • 4K8 4000K (Standard)
  • 5K8 5000K

Mounting Options

Mounting method

  • SM Surface Mounted
  • SUS Suspended

Emergency Options

Emergency type

  • ED Self Test Emergency
  • EM Emergency

Control Options


  • D Dali
  • S SwitchDim

Continuous Options


  • C Continuous
  • S Start of run
  • E End of run

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