After nine months of research and development (yes it took us a while) Synergy now offers customers a range UGR19 Polaris LED Linear Luminaires. While it is easy to manufacture a symmetrical UGR19 luminaire, LED Linear luminaires are a much bigger challenge; particularly if you want a linear luminaire that looks good, is efficient and has a reasonable light output. This was the challenge set by Synergy customers and one that, in our opinion has not yet been met by any other manufacturer. Luckily the team at Synergy like a challenge especially when it makes customers happy. You can read all about the challenges of 
UGR19 Linear Luminaires here>>

The new versions of Polaris are designated UGR19.HPX which run at 200mA. They are designed to achieve the perfect Optical blend needed to satisfy Lighting Designers & Engineers in obtaining UGR<19 luminaires

The new Polaris UGR19 Luminaires are less intense to the eye than versions with Opalised diffusers. While UGR19 is not a physical characteristic of the luminaires they do support a UGR19 compliant scheme. Polaris 1, 3 and 3T, 14 and 17 all delivering results below UGR19 in the Glare table. You can read more about UGR19 and the low glare Table here>>

Clip in Diffuser enables a continuous line of light allowing long runs of unbroken light (maximum length 4.5m/anything above this would cause serious problems with transportation!). The UGR Diffuser comprises 2 parts, an extruded Micro Prismatic Optic diffuser, coupled with a secondary device (which we are keeping secret) that aids glare control. The best part is that this system allows for the closest possible match to opalised diffusers. There is no LED spotting or ribbed diffusers that look like a kitchen light from the 1980s.

UGR19 LED Linear Polaris now comes with updated screws that are countersunk. This is purely an aesthetic choice that gives a more designed look. Synergy’s team have also added a revolutionary joining piece to reduce Light Spill, a new pin system ensures a more rigid join for perfectly aligned luminaires.

As ever the UGR19 Polaris comes with Tridonic boards as they are the Industry recognised leading brand.