The flexibility of SAS ceiling systems means there are many types that can be installed. The most common type in any workspace is the lay-in tile with an exposed grid ceiling. These are usually 600x600mm square and sourcing lighting for these is not usually a problem. There is an almost limitless number of 600×600 LED Panels available on the market with a huge variation in quality and design. However, when a less common type of ceiling is fitted the options for SAS Ceiling lighting can be more limited. Each of the four main SAS ceiling types requires a slightly different light fitting. 


SAS130 ceiling is most used in office and other workspaces. The tiles simply lay in on the metal grid system which can be flush (termed Alugrid) or Tegular (termed Tee Grid) which protrude down below the grid. These tiles are popular because they are easy to install and provide tool-free access to the void space behind which makes maintenance easy.

The tiles are usually the white fibre boards with a fissured surface everyone associates with offices. However, it is possible to source plain and metal tiles. The most popular tiles used in Europe are flush and in the UK Tegular are more common. When choosing light fittings for SAS130 and indeed any suspended ceiling it is a good idea to consider if they will be paired with flush or Tegular tiles. In the case of workspaces, It is important to consider a light fittings which support a UGR19 compliant low glare lighting scheme.SAS 130 drawing-01.jpg

SAS130 Module sizes (mm)

  • 500×500
  • 600×600
  • 750×750


SAS120 is the original metal ceiling and is most often used in Hospital and Food preparation areas. The clip in fittings allows for more robust cleaning without dislodging the tiles. The SAS150 system is the same as SAS120 but with hinged access. When choosing lighting for these ceilings, particularly if it is for Healthcare and Catering applications, it is important to take note of the clip-in system, Module size and IP rating of the luminaire. You might also want to consider the UGR rating of the fitting as a part of the overall design.SAS 150 drawing-01.jpg

SAS120 and SAS150 Module sizes (mm) with 4mm bevel included:

  • 300×300
  • 300×600
  • 300×900
  • 300×1200
  • 300×1500
  • 500×500
  • 500×1500
  • 600×600
  • 600×1200
  • 700×700 with 2mm bevel


SAS200 is another suspended ceiling with a concealed grid which is extremely flexible this allows for more bespoke installation in high end projects where the ceiling is a standout feature. There are no standard tile sizes for SAS200 ceilings. The tiles can be up to 3000mm in length and a minimum width of 300mm. Lighting SAS 200 ceiling almost always requires bespoke lighting or designing the ceiling around existing fittings. Again, it is important to check the light fitting can be suspended within the grid with the hook-on system. 


SAS320 is a lay-in tile system without a grid. These tiles are instead suspended from edge trims and features such a lighting and ventilation grills. There are no standard size tiles for this system, and they can be trimmed to size. This allows for easy installation of suitable recessed spotlights, LED linear and feature lighting such as curved profile luminaires, rings and discs.


SAS330 is a premium ceiling tartan or linear grid system which accept tiles in any shape including curved and coffered and, in any size, up to 3 metres in length. This system allows for seamless integration with lighting and other utilities such as signage and partitions. SAS 330 drawing-01.jpg

SAS330 most popular module sizes (mm)

  • 1200×300
  • 1300×300
  • 1400×300
  • 1500×300


This wide variety of option makes sourcing lighting for the ceiling systems a little more challenging and that is before even considering bespoke ceiling options SAS offers. 600×600 LED luminaires are the most commonly available with 500 x500, 600×1200, 300×600 and 300×1200 more difficult to source. That is why Synergy offers the Epsilon SAS Ceiling Luminaire which can be customised to fit any SAS ceiling type.

Epsilon SAS Ceiling Luminaire for SAS130 ceilings
The Epsilon 130 lay in LED luminaire can be manufactured for all SAS130 ceiling types. The most popular sizes for this fitting is 600×600 however Synergy often supplies 500×500 and 750×750 versions.

Epsilon SAS Ceiling Luminaire for SAS150 ceilings
The Epsilon 150 lay in LED luminaire can be manufactured for all SAS150 ceiling types. The most popular sizes for this fitting is 1200×300 however Synergy often supplies 500×500, 600×600, 750 x750, 1200×300 and 1500×300 versions.

Epsilon SAS Ceiling Luminaire for SAS330 ceilings
The Epsilon 330 lay in LED luminaire can be manufactured for all SAS150 ceiling types. The most popular sizes for this fitting is 1200×300 however Synergy often supplies 1200×300,1300×300, 1400×300 and 1500×300 versions.


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