Architectural Lighting


Commercial track for the Harmony LED track spotlights. This three-circuit DALI track can be surface mounted, recessed or suspended and is available in black, white or grey.

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Key Characteristics


  • Art and culture spaces
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Commercial and business areas
  • Co-working spaces
  • Meeting and board rooms
  • Offices


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Contemporary style luminaire design


  • Extruded aluminium

Technical Data

Code Mounting method Finish Description Size
TRKB/ST/3CTR/D/1.0M Recessed Black 100mm
TRKB/ST/3CTR/D/2.0M Recessed Black 200mm
TRKB/ST/3CTR/D/3.0M Recessed Black 300mm
TRKB/ST/3CTS/D/1.0M Surface / Suspended Black 100mm
TRKB/ST/3CTS/D/2.0M Surface / Suspended Black 200mm
TRKB/ST/3CTS/D/3.0M Surface / Suspended Black 300mm
TRKW/ST/3CT/AC White Adjustable connector
TRKW/ST/3CT/EF-L White End feed, polarity: left
TRKW/ST/3CT/EF-R White End feed, polarity: right
TRKW/ST/3CT/JC White Joining connector
TRKW/ST/3CT/LF-E White 'L' feed, polarity: external
TRKW/ST/3CT/LF-I White 'L' feed, polarity: internal
TRKW/ST/3CT/MF White Middle feed
TRKW/ST/3CTR/D/1.0M Recessed White 100mm
TRKW/ST/3CTR/D/2.0M Recessed White 200mm
TRKW/ST/3CTR/D/3.0M Recessed White 300mm
TRKW/ST/3CTR/EC White Recessed end cap
TRKW/ST/3CTS/D/1.0M Surface / Suspended White 100mm
TRKW/ST/3CTS/D/2.0M Surface / Suspended White 200mm
TRKW/ST/3CTS/D/3.0M Surface / Suspended White 300mm
TRKW/ST/3CTS/EC White Surface end cap
TRKW/ST/3CT/TF-EL White 'T' feed, polarity: external, left
TRKW/ST/3CT/TF-ER White 'T' feed, polarity: external, right
TRKW/ST/3CT/TF-IL White 'T' feed, polarity: internal, left
TRKW/ST/3CT/TF-IR White 'T' feed, polarity: internal, right
TRKW/ST/3CT/XF White 'X' feed

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