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Tarx Commercial LED Downlight

Commercial downlight with detachable interchangeable die-cast bezel which can be supplied in various formats and options. This high-quality fitting is designed to be used in commercial and retail environments and is your definitive “front of house” downlight combining both performance and visible quality. Commercial LED downlights save energy, time and money. 50,000 hours of rated life means less frequent changes. Available in a range of output colours, colour temperatures and lumen output. The Tarx commercial LED downlight is the perfect choice for Schools, offices, hotels and leisure centres. This LED downlight is a very popular choice for commercial fit-outs due it’s excellent light diffusion that supports compliance with LG3 and LG7 guidelines. As with all of Synergy’s commercial LED downlights the Tarx LED is available with dimmable and emergency options.

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Key Characteristics


  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Retail and leisure facilities
  • Suitable for mounting within suspended and plasterboard


  • 50,000 hour life expectancy
  • 5 year warranty
  • Efficacy up to 107 lm/tcW
  • Eliminates unnecessary maintenance
  • Provides carbon footprint reduction
  • Tridonic


  • Die-cast aluminium end caps
  • Satin etched reflector


  • 107 L/W
  • Best Seller
  • European Conformity
  • IP20 IP54 IP65
  • Power Over Ethernet

Key Features

  • 5 year warranty
  • Best Seller
  • Power Over Ethernet
  • Tridonic

Technical Data

Code Delivered Lumens Efficacy Size Total System Wattage
TRX/F/1100/3K8 1139lm 102.6llm/cw 195 ø 11.1W
TRX/F/1100/4K8 1052lm 106.3llm/cw 195 ø 9.9W
TRX/F/2000/3K8 1881lm 97.0llm/cw 195 ø 19.4W
TRX/F/2000/4K8 1858lm 102.1llm/cw 195 ø 18.2W
TRX/F/3000/3K8 2677lm 101.4llm/cw 195 ø 26.4W
TRX/F/3000/4K8 2820lm 106.8llm/cw 195 ø 26.4W

Optical Options


  • 4000K


  • >80

Emergency Options

Emergency type

  • /ED 3 hour maintained DALI/Self Test
  • /EM 3 hour maintained, manual test

Control Options


  • /D Dali
  • /S SwitchDim