Architectural Lighting

Sombrero Wall Disc Luminaire

Wall-mounted luminaire the Sombrero Wall disc is a new addition to the Synergy Commercial Lighting range. Ideal for making a statement in corridors and reception areas this wall-mounted disc luminaire will make a great feature in any commercial space. As with all Synergy manufactured luminaires, you can have the Sombrero Wall Disc custom coated in any RAL colour you like to create a striking feature. Available with emergency, dimming and CCT options.

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Key Characteristics


  • Art and culture spaces
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Corridors and circulation areas
  • Co-working spaces
  • Hotel and restaurants
  • Offices
  • Stairwells


  • 5 year warranty
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Best Seller
  • Emergency options
  • Low Glare Available
  • Tridonic or Philips
  • Tunable White Option
  • Wireless Control Option

Key Features

  • 5 year warranty
  • Tridonic or Philips
  • Tunable White Option
  • Wireless Control Option

Technical Data

Code Diffuser Finish Delivered Lumens Efficacy Size Total System Wattage
SOMDWB/OS/F/0340/4K8 Opal Black 2076lm 115.3llm/cw ø 340 x 80 17W
SOMDWB/OS/F/0440/4K8 Opal Black 2337lm 93.5llm/cw ø 440 x 80 18W
SOMDWB/OS/F/0542/4K8 Opal Black 4912lm 136.4llm/cw ø 542 x 80 36W
SOMDWB/OS/F/0822/4K8 Opal Black 7782lm 119.7llm/cw ø 822 x 80 65W
SOMDWB/HX/F/0340/4K8 Low Glare Black 2216lm 130.4llm/cw ø 340 x 80 17W
SOMDWB/HX/F/0440/4K8 Low Glare Black 2491lm 138.4llm/cw ø 440 x 80 18W
SOMDWB/HX/F/0540/4K8 Low Glare Black 5014lm 139.3llm/cw ø 542 x 80 36W
SOMDWB/HX/F/0820/4K8 Low Glare Black 10469lm 161.1llm/cw ø 822 x 80 65W

Finish Options


  • B Black
  • RAL Any RAL by request
  • S Silver
  • SFX Special Effect Finish
  • W White

Optical Options


  • 3000K
  • 4000K (Standard)


  • >80

Mounting Options

Mounting method

  • NA Surface Mounted

Electrical Options

Run current

  • ED 3 hour maintained, DALI / Self Test
  • EM 3 hour maintained, manual test

Control Options


  • D Dali
  • S SwitchDim