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Polaris 3T Linear UGR19 Recessed Trimless Luminaire

Polaris 3T linear UGR19 is a low glare trimless recessed luminaire. Ideal for office lighting, this UGR19 low glare LED Linear lighting helps interior designers and architects meet CIBSE guidelines for low glare lighting in office environments. Synergy Creativ’s unique low glare LED linear diffuser allows continuous lines of linear light without spots or loss of light output. Synergy’s commercial LED Linear Lighting comes with a range of bespoke fitting and dimming options including DALI. Please note that UGR19 is not a feature of the light fittings alone but can be used as a part of a UGR19 complaint lighting scheme.

Looking for a slimmer profile? Try Polaris 55T Low Glare

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Key Characteristics


  • Art and culture spaces
  • Commercial and business areas
  • Housing
  • Offices
  • Public buildings
  • Tridonic Boards


  • Contemporary style luminaire design
  • Energy efficient solution


  • Corners / Intersections
  • Extruded aluminium
  • Hexa-microprism diffuser


  • 95 lm/W
  • High efficiency LED boards
  • Integral PIR's
  • Power Over Ethernet
  • Range of length options
  • UGR17.7
  • Wide-beam light distribution

Key Features

  • 95 lm/W
  • Corners / Intersections
  • Power Over Ethernet
  • Public buildings
  • Tridonic Boards
  • UGR17.7

Technical Data

Code Length Lumen output Wattage Cut-out Efficacy
P3T/1/HX/00.560 622mm 763lm 8W 610 x 92 95llm/cw
P3T/1/HX/00.840 907mm 1145lm 12W 895 x 92 95llm/cw
P3T/1/HX/01.120 1187mm 1526lm 16W 1175 x 92 95llm/cw
P3T/1/HX/01.400 1472mm 1908lm 20W 1460 x 92 95llm/cw
P3T/1/HX/01.680 1752mm 2289lm 24W 1740 x 92 95llm/cw
P3T/1/HX/01.960 2037mm 2671lm 28W 2025 x 92 95llm/cw
P3T/1/HX/02.240 2317mm 3052lm 32W 2305 x 92 95llm/cw
P3T/1/HX/02.520 2602mm 3434lm 36W 2590 x 92 95llm/cw
P3T/1/HX/02.800 2882mm 3815lm 40W 2870 x 92 95llm/cw
P3T/1/HX/03.080 3167mm 4197lm 44W 3155 x 92 95llm/cw
P3T/1/HX/03.360 3447mm 4578lm 48W 3435 x 92 95llm/cw
P3T/1/HX/03.640 3732mm 4960lm 52W 3720 x 92 95llm/cw
P3T/1/HX/03.920 4012mm 5341lm 56W 4000 x 92 95llm/cw
P3T/1/HX/04.200 4297mm 5723lm 60W 4285 x 92 95llm/cw
P3T/1/HX/04.480 4577mm 6104lm 64W 4565 x 92 95llm/cw

CCT Options


  • 3K 3000K
  • 4K 4000K
  • 5K 5000K

Mounting Options

Mounting method

  • Recessed Trimless

Emergency Options

Emergency type

  • EM 3 hour maintained, manual test
  • ED 3 hour maintained, DALI / Self Test

Control Options


  • D DALI
  • S Switchdim

Continuous Options


  • C Continuous
  • S Start of run
  • E End of run

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