Architectural Lighting

Polaris 3 UGR19 LED Linear Recessed

UGR19 Recessed LED Linear Luminaire Polaris 3 is perfect for modern offices that require a low glare UGR19 compliant scheme. Polaris 3 UGR19 Recessed LED Linear Luminaire is ideal for areas where teams spend long periods working at desks. Synergy Creativ’s UGR<19 LED Linear office lighting range helps support low glare schemes that reduce the problems associated with glare from office lighting. As with all of Synergy’s commercial LED linear lighting, Polaris 3 UGR19 is available in a range of custom fit and dimming options including DALI.

Looking for the opal version? Polaris 3 Recessed Opal

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Key Characteristics


  • Art and culture spaces
  • Commercial and business areas
  • Hotel and restaurants
  • Housing
  • Offices
  • Public buildings


  • Contemporary style luminaire design
  • Energy efficient solution


  • Corners / Intersections
  • Die-cast aluminium end caps
  • Extruded aluminium
  • Hexa-microprism diffuser


  • Continuous Format
  • High efficiency LED boards
  • Integral PIR's
  • Power Over Ethernet
  • Range of length options
  • Tridonic or Philips
  • UGR17.7
  • Wide-beam light distribution

Key Features

  • Continuous Format
  • Corners / Intersections
  • Integral PIR's
  • Power Over Ethernet
  • Tridonic or Philips
  • UGR17.7

Technical Data

Code Delivered Lumens Efficacy Size Total System Wattage
P3IB/HX/F/0885/4K8 1830lm 104.0llm/cw 885mm 17.6W
P3IB/HX/F/1165/4K8 2444lm 105.3llm/cw 1165mm 23.2W
P3IB/HX/F/1450/4K8 3052lm 105.6llm/cw 1450mm 28.9W
P3IB/HX/F/1730/4K8 3665lm 105.0llm/cw 1730mm 34.9W
P3IB/HX/F/2015/4K8 4274lm 105.0llm/cw 2015mm 40.7W
P3IB/HX/F/2295/4K8 4887lm 104.9llm/cw 2295mm 46.6W
P3IB/HX/F/2580/4K8 5496lm 104.9llm/cw 2580mm 52.4W
P3IB/HX/F/2860/4K8 6108lm 104.9llm/cw 2860mm 58.2W
P3IB/HX/F/3145/4K8 6717lm 105.0llm/cw 3145mm 64W
P3IB/HX/F/3425/4K8 7331lm 104.7llm/cw 3425mm 70W
P3IB/HX/F/3710/4K8 7939lm 104.7llm/cw 3710mm 75.8W
P3IB/HX/F/3990/4K8 8552lm 105.2llm/cw 3990mm 81.3W
P3IB/HX/F/4275/4K8 9161lm 105.1llm/cw 4275mm 87.2W
P3IB/HX/F/4555/4K8 9774lm 105.0llm/cw 4555mm 93.1W

Finish Options


  • B Black
  • RAL Bespoke RAL Colour
  • S Silver
  • SFX Special Effect Finish
  • W White

Optical Options


  • Direct

CCT Options


  • 3K8 3000K
  • 4K8 4000K

Mounting Options

Mounting method

  • RF Recessed with Flange

Emergency Options

Emergency type

  • ED Self Test Emergency
  • EM Emergency

Control Options


  • D Dali
  • S SwitchDim