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Polaris 3 Linear LED Recessed Luminaire

LED Linear recessed luminaire Polaris 3. Create stunning continuous lines of linear light in any plasterboard or timber ceiling using the Polaris 3 recessed LED linear luminaire. This recessed linear LED lighting system comes with an opal diffuser and can be configured in many ways to provide an efficient and aesthetically pleasing commercial lighting system. Polaris 3 is available with many control options including standard, DALI, maintained emergency, Em Pro emergency, 3000K, 4000K or 5000K. The perfect recessed commercial LED linear lighting solution for Office Fit-Outs, Architects and Commercial Interior Designers’ projects. This commercial linear lighting can be easily customised to create unique fittings that are stylish and memorable.

Need a low glare version? see Polaris 3 Low Glare.

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Key Characteristics


  • Art and culture spaces
  • Corridors and circulation areas
  • Entrance and receptions areas
  • Hospitals
  • Meeting and board rooms
  • Offices


  • Custom-fit options available
  • Energy efficient solution


  • Clip-in PMMA diffuser
  • Corners / Intersections
  • Die-cast aluminium end caps
  • Extruded aluminium


  • Continuous Format
  • Integral PIR's
  • IP20
  • Power Over Ethernet
  • Tridonic or Philips
  • Tunable White Option
  • UGR19 Available
  • Wide-beam light distribution
  • Wireless Control Option

Key Features

  • Continuous Format
  • Corners / Intersections
  • Integral PIR's
  • Power Over Ethernet
  • Tunable White Option
  • Smart Lighting Option
  • Pre-Wiring Available

Technical Data

Code Delivered Lumens Efficacy Size Total System Wattage
P3IB/OS/F/0885/4K8 2572lm 102.5llm/cw 885mm 25.1W
P3IB/OS/F/1165/4K8 3434lm 103.0llm/cw 1165mm 33.2W
P3IB/OS/F/1450/4K8 4257lm 103.0llm/cw 1450mm 41.2W
P3IB/OS/F/1730/4K8 5151lm 103.2llm/cw 1730mm 49.8W
P3IB/OS/F/2015/4K8 6006lm 103.3llm/cw 2015mm 58.1W
P3IB/OS/F/2295/4K8 6868lm 103.3llm/cw 2295mm 66.5W
P3IB/OS/F/2580/4K8 7723lm 103.3llm/cw 2580mm 74.8W
P3IB/OS/F/2860/4K8 8585lm 103.3llm/cw 2860mm 83.1W
P3IB/OS/F/3145/4K8 9440lm 103.3llm/cw 3145mm 91.4W
P3IB/OS/F/3425/4K8 10302lm 103.4llm/cw 3425mm 100W
P3IB/OS/F/3710/4K8 11157lm 103.4llm/cw 3710mm 108.3W
P3IB/OS/F/3990/4K8 12019lm 103.4llm/cw 3990mm 116.2W
P3IB/OS/F/4275/4K8 12874lm 103.4llm/cw 4275mm 124.5W
P3IB/OS/F/4555/4K8 13736lm 103.4llm/cw 4555mm 133W

Finish Options


  • B Black
  • RAL Any RAL by request
  • S Silver
  • SFX Special Effect Finish
  • W White

Mounting Options

Mounting method

  • RF Recessed with Flange

Optical Options


  • Direct

CCT Options


  • 3K8 3000K
  • 4K8 4000K
  • 5K8 5000K

Emergency Options

Emergency type

  • ED hour maintained, DALI / Self Test
  • EM 3 hour maintained, manual test

Control Options


  • D Dali
  • S SwitchDim

Continuous Options


  • C Continuous
  • S Start of run
  • E End of run

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