Acoustic Solutions


A designer pendant and ceiling raft, this feature pendant can be hung at any angle and can be used with the light version to create a stunning ceiling detail or feature within an atrium. Use as a ceiling detail in groups to absorb excess sound and reverberation, or integrate with biophillic design. A great solution to control spaces with high indexes of reverberation, the shape optimises the NRC performance of every room.


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Technical Data

Code Type Length Height Flex
LNEN/1165/OSD/*** Polaris N2 and baffle 1165 250 Black
LNEN/1450/OSD/*** Polaris N2 and baffle 1450 250 Black
LNEN/1730/OSD/*** Polaris N2 and baffle 1730 250 Black
LNEN/2015/OSD/*** Polaris N2 and baffle 2015 250 Black
LNEN/1165/*** Plain baffle 1165 250 N/A
LNEN/1450/*** Plain baffle 1450 250 N/A
LNEN/1730/*** Plain baffle 1730 250 N/A
LNEN/2015/*** Plain baffle 2015 250 N/A