Acoustic Solutions


A custom Y-shaped baffle with integral linear light, this feature light can be used as a ceiling detail in groups to absorb excess sound and reverberation. Integral light means lighting can sit within ceiling detail alongside plain baffles, and its unique shape allows for creating patterns on ceiling. This is a great solution to control spaces with high indexes of reverberation, and the shape optimises the NRC performance of every room.
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Technical Data

Code Type Length Width Height Accepts Luminaire
AC/SY/0600/200/**/AL Accepts light 600x600x600 75 200 Polaris 52 Y - 600mm
AC/SY/0875/200/**/AL Accepts light 875x875x875 75 200 Polaris 52 Y - 875mm
AC/SY/1145/200/**/AL Accepts light 1145x1145x1145 75 200 Polaris 52 Y - 1145mm
AC/SY/0600/300/**/PB Plain baffle 600x600x600 75 200 N/A
AC/SY/0875/300/**/PB Plain baffle 875x875x875 75 200 N/A
AC/SY/1145/300/**/PB Plain baffle 1145x1145x1145 75 200 N/A