Acoustic Solutions


A product which supplies both lighting and acoustic solution, this modular PET pendant is perfect for over desks or conference tables. PET acoustic material is 60% recycled and 100% recyclable, offering sustainable solutions for acoustic improvement. By adding central pieces to the end units it can be extending exponentially. Typically supplied by a single linear pendant, multiple smaller lamps can also be used.
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Technical Data

Code Type Length Width Height Accepts Luminaire
KBLN/0600/OSD/*** Accepts light 600 600 300 Polaris 1
KBLN/0900/OSD/*** Accepts light 900 600 300 Polaris 1
KBLN/1200/OSD/*** Accepts light 1200 600 300 Polaris 1
KBLN/1500/OSD/*** Accepts light 1500 600 300 Polaris 1
KBLN/END/*** End section
KBLN/CNTR/*** Centre section