Acoustic Wall Panels

Calau Cube

Calau Cube Acoustic Wall Panel – the ultimate acoustic solution for transforming your space into a peaceful and productive oasis! Crafted with precision and expertise, these high-quality wall panels are designed to effectively absorb and reduce noise disruptions in commercial environments, making them perfect for offices and various other professional settings. With its sleek and modern design, the Calau Cube offers seamless integration into any interior, while its array of colour options ensures you can match your decor effortlessly. Experience easy installation and exceptional noise absorption, creating an atmosphere where focus and creativity flourish. Elevate your workspace with the Calau Cube Acoustic Wall Panel and say hello to a quieter, more productive environment.

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Technical Data

Code Size Type Pack size
CACU/… 400mm x 231mm Acoustic wall tile 27 tiles (9 cubes)

Felt colours

  • RR Crimson Red
  • RRF Crimson Red Fleck
  • OO Sunset Orange
  • OOF Sunset Orange Fleck
  • CY Corn Yellow
  • CYF Corn Yellow Fleck
  • WG Pistactio Green
  • WGF Pistactio Green fleck
  • KBF Steel Blue
  • JBF Denim Blue
  • WB Vanilla beige
  • WBF Vanilla beige fleck
  • DW Linen white
  • SG Ash grey
  • HG Storm grey
  • SKG Gunmetal grey
  • RB Charcoal black
  • SDB Midnight blue
  • MT Plantation teal
  • PTF Marble teal
  • DBG Gunsmoke blue/grey
  • SPF Plum purple
  • GGF Army green
  • OBF Almond beige
  • LMF Mustard yellow
  • FP Salmon pink