Why LED Linear?

Companies are trying to attract and retain young talent. One of the key ways they are trying to do this is by offering a workspace that does not feel like an office. They want these spaces to be trendy, cool and comfortable, so workers stay longer and feel more at home.

On the back of this trend Design and Build office fit out companies have exploded over the last few years, as they are specially placed to quickly deliver this environment, that attracts talent, enhances employee productivity and ensures they are healthy and happy. They do this by offering what many describe as a ‘turn-key’ solution; they design, create and deliver the whole package all in one – without you having to liaise with the 10+ different parties involved in the traditional process. This can have many advantages including time and cost savings and also gives you peace of mind that the whole process is being managed by one company.

Cool offices need cool commercial lighting.

LED Linear provides the ultimate flexibility to create interesting and impressive bespoke installations that traditional commercial lighting does not. They can pair with another lighting such as statement pendants for impressive entrance areas to make that all-important first impression on your clients.

The remarkable flexibility and customisable nature of LED Linear Lighting is one of the key factors that has made this lighting form the star of office fit out companies and architects today. You can pretty much customise every element, including colour (match with the RAL colour of your brand), length (our longest continual length to date is a whopping 120m!), light temperature (ranging from warm white at 3000k to cool white at 5000k), and shape – add curves, circles and corners to your hearts content! Do keep in mind the practical considerations so that your lighting scheme works in reality.

Increasingly, office fit out companies and their clients are looking to meet industry best-practice standards such as the BREEAM and WELL certifications. As well as environmental and ecological considerations, such assessments also place emphasis on employee and health. This is where low glare UGR<19 LED linear lighting can be used to support wellness in work areas, which helps to ensure that employees don’t suffer from headaches and eye strain due to glare from commercial lighting.

LED linear lighting can be used effectively to create zones in workspaces for different activities such as a quiet focus area, informal meeting spaces to encourage collaboration between team or breakout areas for relaxation. These areas are key to creating the ‘home-from-home’ workspace that office fit out companies are aiming to and LED linear lighting helps to create the right ambience for each area.

LED linear is an important thing to think about if you’re considering commercial lighting for your refurbishment or new-build, but we understand that it can be confusing with all the choices available. We’ve put together a handy guide to LED linear to help de-mystify it for you, or contact Synergy today to speak to one of the team!