LED linear lends itself to creativity. It does not have to be set out in neat rows, though that does look very nice. Here at Synergy we are calling for Architects, Commercial Interior designer and Office Fit Out superstars to go beyond the obvious and get more creative with LED linear lighting. Below are the team’s tips for stunning LED linear that doesn’t hog all your budget.


Bespoke intersections of LED Linear really allows designers to get creative and produce stunning and unique light fittings that delight clients. While bespoke isn’t the cheapest option, one excellent bespoke LED linear installation in a public space such as a reception or entrance has an impact and is memorable while creative use of standard fittings throughout the rest of the building can offset it. 

Imperial War Museum LED Linear
Imperial War Museum LED Linear
Black LED Linear suspended
JDA Bracknell - Synergy - custom LED Linear luminiares.jpg
Custom LED Linear lighting.jpg
Custom recessed LED Linear installation


If bespoke LED linear fittings an out of your budget, why not consider using standard lengths of LED linear and suspend them at jaunty angles. If you prefer to surface mount your LED linear, consider creating a zigzag pattern. The effect is very similar and striking while being much more cost effective than bespoke commercial light fittings.

LED Linear web sized.jpg
LED Linear web sized.jpg
jaunty LED Linear web sized.jpg
zig zag LED Linear


LED linear can be easily assembled into geometric shapes with standard connecting parts at right angles and 120-degree angles. This removes the need for bespoke intersections to be manufactured making this another cost-effective option. But why just stop at a few square or hexagon pendants? Using different sizes together in a space creates a stunning effect. They can also be easily connected to create a continuous pattern. Hexagons could be connected like a honeycomb; square pendants can be connected like an angular figure of eight or a crosshatch pattern and that’s just the start.

victoria place LED Linear.jpeg
victoria place LED Linear.jpeg
Statement Y pendant LED
buckingham arcade cool LED Linear hexagons.jpg
buckingham arcade LED linear hexagon.jpg


Why LED linear always have to be black, white or grey? Getting creative with colour is the most cost-effective way to add interest to your lighting. The best lighting manufacturers will offer a range of colours as standard and many will offer bespoke powder coating in your chosen RAL colour. Brand colours can be used but if you want to get really creative why not use colour in your linear lighting to demark different areas of your workspace like warm colours for break-out spaces, vibrant colours for creative spaces and calm pastel colours for focus working areas.

Fun rainbow effects can be created by having a row of standard-length LED linear in different colours sequentially following the colour spectrum from reds to oranges to yellows, greens and finally blues. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a rainbow you can achieve the same effect with any colours.

Colour finishes don’t have to be confined to one simple solid colour, stunning effects can be created to give texture like wood grain or concrete that are more budget-friendly and indistinguishable from the real thing.

Custom colour LED linear.jpg
Custom colour LED linear.jpg
custom colour LED Linear
Colourful LED linear with screwless endcaps -  web.jpg


Longer lengths of LED linear do drive up costs, you can keep continuous linear costs down by being selective with where you use it and by using standard connectors at 90-degree angles to go around corners. Continuous LED Linear looks great and is ideal for wayfinding especially if you have a warren of corridors. It also is particularly effective if you use glass partitioning so the continuing linear can be seen.

LED Linear for wayfinding.jpg
LED Linear for wayfinding.jpg
wayfinding custom LED Linear.jpg
Polaris N2-Location (2).jpg
VOX studios LED Linear Polaris 50.jpg
LED Linear way finding


Recessed LED linear looks great on walls and can be used to mirror patterns in the lighting or flooring. Horizontal lines of linear are great and floor-to-ceiling vertical lengths that continue across the is a brilliant effect that is really underused. A personal favourite of the team is mirroring handrails in stairwells or following the line of the steps.

LED Linear lighting
LED Linear lighting
VOX Studios Custom Polaris 50 LED Linear.JPG


Still too rich for your budget? Don’t worry we have more ideas for you. Use different standard lengths of LED linear lighting to create patterns. Start with the longer standard linear followed by the next size down and continue until you get to the smallest; then mirror this back up from shortest to longest and repeat to create a sound wave pattern like the stunning Knightsbridge tunnel.

cool LED linear lighting.jpg

Stunning LED linear lighting is faster to produce and more cost-effective than you might think. The possibilities are endless and the team here at Synergy Commercial Lighting has years of LED linear experience. They are full of great ideas that we would love to share with you. Synergy doesn’t want to just sell you lights we want to help make your workspace exceptional, get in touch today and let us help you take your linear lighting to the next level.

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