The Project

Synergy Creative was entrusted with a challenging and innovative lighting project by Pexhurst, the contractor responsible for a renovation project at the University of Hertfordshire. The primary goal was to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of a prominent hall within the university by providing custom-made RGB colour-changing direct/indirect LED linear lighting and downlights. The unique challenge lay in creating a bespoke LED lighting solution that could seamlessly traverse complex angles, including 90-degree vertical corners, allowing the light to transition smoothly from the ceiling to the wall, resulting in a visually pleasing effect.


The Challenge

The project presented several unique challenges such as Designing a bespoke LED linear lighting system that could navigate complex angles, including 90-degree corners, while maintaining a seamless appearance. Incorporating direct/indirect LED linear lighting to ensure even illumination and create an inviting atmosphere. Developing bespoke RGB colour-changeable direct/indirect LED linear and downlights to allow for dynamic ambience adjustments within the hall. Ensuring that the lighting system could adapt to different events and occasions, accommodating a wide range of colour effects.

The Solution

Synergy Creative collaborated closely with Pexhurst and the University of Hertfordshire to address these challenges and provide a tailored lighting solution. The following steps were taken:

Custom-Made LED Linear Lighting: Synergy Creative’s team of lighting experts designed and manufactured a bespoke LED linear lighting system capable of navigating complex angles, including 90-degree vertical corners. This custom solution allowed for a continuous and visually pleasing transition from the ceiling to the wall.

Direct/Indirect Lighting: To achieve uniform illumination and create a warm and inviting ambience, Synergy Creative incorporated direct and indirect LED linear lighting elements. This combination ensured that the hall was well-lit while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

RGB Colour-Changeable Downlights: Synergy Creative integrated RGB colour-changeable downlights into the design. This feature allowed the hall to transform its atmosphere instantly by altering the lighting colours and effects, catering to various events and moods.

Versatile Lighting Control: The lighting system was equipped with versatile control options, enabling easy adjustments to suit different occasions. Whether it was a formal event, a lecture, or a vibrant gathering, the lighting could be customised accordingly.

Project Info

Year: 2023

Client: Pexhurst

Location: St Albans

The Results

The collaborative efforts of Synergy Creative, Pexhurst, and the University of Hertfordshire led to the successful implementation of a stunning and versatile lighting solution for the university hall. The results included A visually captivating hall with seamless LED linear lighting that gracefully flowed from the ceiling to the wall, including 90-degree corners. Uniform and inviting illumination through direct/indirect LED linear lighting. The ability to create dynamic atmospheres with RGB colour-changeable uplights and downlights, allowing for an array of colour effects. Versatile lighting control that adapts to various events and occasions, making the hall a versatile space for different functions.

Lighting Delivered:

Products Used

Polaris 52 LED Linear Direct Indirect Opal Luminaire Canne Surface LED Downlight