The Project

Office Innovations, a renowned office design and fit-out company based in the United Kingdom, was entrusted with the task of revamping the workspace for St Mary’s Chambers, a prominent family law practice located in Nottingham. The client required a modern and functional office space that not only showcased a professional ambiance but also addressed the practical concerns of acoustics and lighting. To meet these demands, Office Innovations turned to Synergy Creativ, a leading supplier of innovative lighting and acoustic solutions.

The Challenge

The challenges faced in this project were two-fold:

Acoustic Concerns: St Mary’s Chambers, a busy law practice, needed a workspace that provided a quiet and confidential environment for their clients and legal professionals. The existing workspace suffered from high noise levels and poor acoustic performance, making it essential to address these concerns effectively.

Lighting Requirements: The office required efficient and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions. The client sought LED feature pendant lighting to create an appealing and well-lit workspace. The challenge was to balance functionality and aesthetics.

The Solution

Office Innovations partnered with Synergy Creativ to provide an integrated solution that addressed both the acoustic and lighting needs of St Mary’s Chambers.

Acoustic Baffles: Synergy Creativ supplied and installed acoustic baffles strategically throughout the workspace. These baffles effectively absorbed sound, reducing noise levels and creating a more conducive atmosphere for concentration and confidential conversations.

Acoustic Rafts: Acoustic rafts were placed above workstations and meeting areas to further enhance sound absorption and minimize echo.

LED Feature Pendant Lighting: Synergy Creativ designed and installed LED feature pendant lighting fixtures. These pendants not only provided high-quality illumination but also added a touch of elegance and sophistication to the office space.

Acoustic Lighting: To seamlessly combine lighting and acoustic control, acoustic lighting solutions were integrated. These fixtures not only served a dual purpose but also contributed to the overall aesthetic appeal.

Project Info

Client: Office Innovations

Location: Nottingham

The Results

Synergy Creativ’s impeccable execution of the project led to remarkable outcomes:

Improved Acoustics: The installation of acoustic baffles and rafts significantly reduced noise levels in the office. The clients and staff at St Mary’s Chambers now enjoy a quieter and more private workspace, enhancing their ability to concentrate on legal matters.

Enhanced Lighting: The LED feature pendant lighting and acoustic lighting fixtures transformed the workspace, providing excellent illumination while creating an inviting and professional ambiance. This not only improved productivity but also left a lasting impression on clients and visitors.

On-Time and On-Budget Delivery: Synergy Creativ’s commitment to delivering the project on time and within the allocated budget left the client, Office Innovations, extremely satisfied.

Delighted Clients and End Customers: The end result was an office space that met and exceeded the expectations of both Office Innovations and St Mary’s Chambers. The clients and end customers expressed their satisfaction with the transformation of the workspace, marking it as a job well done.

Lighting Delivered:

Products Used

Polaris 1 Hexagon LED Linear Pendant Polaris Oval LED Feature Pendant Jena Line