The Project

The Henley Suite at Olympia, London, required an innovative lighting solution that combined both aesthetics and functionality. C&S Ltd, the primary contractor, and Sims Design, the interior design firm, sought the expertise of Synergy Creativ to design and manufacture bespoke acoustic disc pendant lights that would meet the specific needs of the space.

The Challenge

The project presented several unique challenges:

Custom Design Requirements: The Henley Suite needed bespoke lighting fixtures that were not readily available on the market.
Acoustic Management: The lighting solution had to include acoustic properties to manage sound within the space effectively.
Aesthetic Integration: The pendant lights needed to blend seamlessly with the overall design of the suite.
Precision Manufacturing: The design called for precision in the creation and installation of the lighting fixtures to ensure both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The Solution

To address these challenges, Synergy Creativ developed a tailored solution:

Bespoke Acoustic Disc Pendant Lights
Synergy Creativ designed and manufactured two new bespoke acoustic disc pendant lights for the Henley Suite. Each light featured a main area disc light that was either recessed into the acoustic felt disc or seamlessly integrated into the felt disc.

Design and Aesthetic Integration
Main Area Disc Light: The disc light served as the primary source of illumination, providing ample lighting for the suite.
Acoustic Felt Disc: The felt disc not only housed the light but also offered acoustic properties to manage sound within the space. The design allowed for the light to be either recessed into the acoustic felt disc or integrated, depending on the aesthetic and functional requirements.

Acoustic Properties
Sound Absorption: The acoustic felt disc was engineered to absorb sound, reducing noise levels and improving the overall acoustics of the Henley Suite.
Seamless Integration: The combination of lighting and acoustic management in a single fixture ensured a seamless integration with the suite’s design, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

Project Info

Year: 2024

Client: C&S Ltd and Sims Design

Location: London

The Results

Synergy Creativ successfully delivered a bespoke lighting solution that met the specific needs of the Henley Suite. The custom acoustic disc pendant lights were designed and manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and functional efficiency.

The integration of acoustic properties into the lighting fixtures significantly improved the acoustics of the Henley Suite. The acoustic felt discs effectively managed sound, creating a more comfortable and productive environment.

C&S Ltd and Sims Design were highly satisfied with the outcome. The bespoke acoustic disc pendant lights not only fulfilled the design brief but also enhanced the overall ambience of the Henley Suite. The successful collaboration highlighted Synergy Creativ’s ability to deliver tailored solutions that meet complex project requirements.

The combination of advanced lighting and acoustic solutions resulted in an inviting and functional workspace. The Henley Suite now features a modern, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing lighting system that supports both visual and acoustic comfort.

In summary, the collaboration between Synergy Creativ, C&S Ltd, and Sims Design for the Henley Suite at Olympia, London, showcases the power of innovative design and precision manufacturing. By delivering a custom lighting solution that addressed both aesthetic and acoustic needs, Synergy Creativ played a crucial role in transforming the Henley Suite into a state-of-the-art office space.

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