Polaris 1 LED linear suspended and Polaris 3 recessed LED linear luminaires used in the recent refurbishment of the prestigious Getty Images offices in Dublin. With Synergy’s vast experience in lighting design, the team was able to work up a LED linear lighting scheme from the client’s visual requirements to achieve their desired end result within an eight-week time frame.

The Challenge

Synergy where approached to supply suspended and recessed linear luminaires for Getty Images HQ in Dublin. With a limited budget for lighting, an 8-week timeframe and delivery to Ireland, Synergy had to move fast to delight their clients and Getty Images. Long lengths of linear lighting where required to provide main area lighting in the office areas and boardroom and shorter recessed linear was needed for waiting areas and meeting room entrances.

The Solution

Mindful of the tight timeframe and extra time required for delivery to Ireland, Synergy prioritised manufacture of the custom lengths of suspended LED linear. The recessed linear proved less of a challenge being standard lengths and easier to produce. A fast track carrier delivery ensured a timely delivery and a smooth install with time to spare.

Project Info

Year: 2019

Client: Getty Images

Location: Dublin

The Results

Project delivered: on time, on budget and with delighted clients

Lighting Delivered: