The Project

Synergy Creativ, a leading provider of innovative lighting solutions, played a pivotal role in transforming the new headquarters of Northern Power and Gas (NGP) located at the RIGA Building in Baltic Place, Gateshead. The project, managed by AMH Workspace, aimed to create an inspiring 30,000 square foot Grade A property that not only reflected NGP’s success but also fostered employee well-being and productivity. Founder Fokhrul Islam had a clear vision for the space, including high-quality sales floors, well-being breakout areas, a ‘Feel Well Deli’ café, gaming zones, and relaxation areas. Synergy Creativ’s task was to provide feature pendant lighting, including Polaris Box Pendants, Polaris Hexagon, Polaris Y feature pendants, and Polaris 70 round profile LED linear lights, to help define and enhance these distinct zones.

The Challenge

Designing and implementing feature pendant lighting that not only serves as functional illumination but also contributes to the aesthetic appeal of the workspace. Defining and differentiating various zones within the office space using lighting as a key design element. Incorporating biophilic design principles, such as foliage walls and preserved foliage, to promote employee well-being. Ensuring that the lighting design aligns with NGP’s commitment to creating an invigorating and rewarding workspace.

The Solution

Synergy Creativ, in collaboration with AMH Workspace, addressed these challenges by providing a tailored lighting solution:

Feature Pendant Lighting: Synergy Creativ supplied a range of feature pendant lighting, including Polaris Box Pendants, Polaris Hexagon, Polaris Y feature pendants, and Polaris 70 round profile LED linear lights. These fixtures not only offered functional lighting but also added a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to the workspace.

Zone Definition through Lighting: The lighting design was strategically used to define different zones within the office. Bright and focused lighting was employed in sales floors, while ambient and playful lighting was used in relaxation and gaming areas. This approach helped create distinct atmospheres that supported various activities and moods.

Project Info

Client: AMH Workspace

Location: Gateshead

The Results

The collaboration between Synergy Creativ, AMH Workspace, and NGP resulted in a transformed headquarters that aligned with NGP’s vision of success, employee satisfaction, and well-being. The key outcomes included: Feature pendant lighting solutions that added elegance and character to the workspace. Well-defined zones created through strategic lighting, catering to various work activities. An office environment that promotes creativity, collaboration, and agility among NGP’s workforce.

Lighting Delivered:

Products Used

Polaris Box LED Square Linear Pendant Polaris 1 Hexagon LED Linear Pendant Polaris Y LED Linear Pendant Polaris N2 LED Linear Tube