The Project

Estilo Interiors, in collaboration with lighting supplier Synergy Creativ, undertook a CAT A & B fit-out project for their esteemed client, MAPP. The objective was to create a collaborative and agile workspace capable of accommodating up to 150 people while achieving Well™ Certification and RICS SKA Gold Rating. The project’s success relied on integrating innovative lighting solutions that aligned with MAPP’s core values of People Plan, Pursue Adventure, and Avoid Ambiguity, and demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainability.

The Challenge

The project presented several challenges that required careful attention and expert solutions:

Sustainable Practices: MAPP’s commitment to sustainable practices demanded lighting solutions that were energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and contributed to achieving the SKA Gold standard.

Ambient Acoustic Control: The office required high levels of ambient acoustic control, making it essential to integrate lighting and acoustic solutions that provided both sufficient illumination and acoustic performance.

Tight Timeline: Completing the project within the designated 16-week timeframe required streamlined coordination and prompt execution of lighting and acoustic supply for installation.

The Solution

Synergy Creativ’s expertise in acoustic product design and sustainable lighting solutions proved invaluable in overcoming the challenges:

Lighting Design & Layout: Collaborating with Estilo Interiors, Synergy Creativ devised an innovative lighting design that harmonised with the interior aesthetics, enhancing various work settings while prioritising employee well-being and productivity.

Energy-Efficient Solutions: Synergy Creativ recommended and supplied energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures throughout the workspace, minimising energy consumption and promoting eco-conscious practices.

SKA Gold Standard Compliance: In adherence to MAPP’s sustainability goals, Synergy Creativ sourced lighting and acoustic products that adhered to environmental criteria, ensuring compliance with the SKA Gold standard.

Ambient Acoustic Control: Synergy Creativ collaborated with Estilo Interiors to incorporate acoustic solutions and lighting within the business lounge, addressing the need for acoustic control without compromising lighting quality.

Project Info

Client: Estilo Interiors

Location: London

The Results

Sustainability Excellence: MAPP’s dedication to sustainable practices was evident through the attainment of the SKA Gold standard. The lighting solutions provided by Synergy Creativ played a vital role in achieving this prestigious rating.

Enhanced Workspace: The agile and collaborative workspace designed by Estilo Interiors and Synergy Creativ’s innovative lighting solutions provided a functional and dynamic environment for up to 150 employees.

Timely Completion: Despite the tight timeline, the project was completed within 16 weeks, thanks to Synergy Creativ’s efficient supply chain and prompt delivery of lighting products.

Employee Well-being: The combined efforts of Estilo Interiors and Synergy Creativ resulted in a workspace that prioritized employee well-being through effective lighting design and acoustic control.

The collaboration between Estilo Interiors and Synergy Creativ led to a resounding success, showcasing MAPP’s commitment to its core values and sustainability initiatives. The well-lit, sustainable, and functional workspace has empowered MAPP to create a positive and productive environment for its employees while setting a benchmark for future projects.

Lighting Delivered:

Products Used

Polaris S LED Feature Pendant Polaris 70 LED Linear Luminous Cuboid Polaris Y LED Linear Pendant Jena Line Astoria Pendant Three Sombrero Disc LED Pendant Polaris 52 LED Linear Direct Opal Luminaire