The Project

Specialist smart technology provider Scenariio were engaged to design and set up a smart building system for LKAB, Europe’s largest Iron ore producer.


The Challenge

Employee wellbeing was a priority for the project, delivering a more comfortable, flexible, and collaborative space for the team to work in. It was important that the workspace was an attractive environment for the team to spend time in with their colleagues.

The offices needed to reflect LKAB’s values by keeping sustainability in mind, from choosing zero carbon flooring to energy-efficient smart lighting. They wanted to create a much more efficient and pleasant workspace for the team and visitors. It was key that employees should want to come to the offices to work.


The Solution

LKAB required a Smart lighting system linked into the buildings data network. Scenariio chose Synergy Creativ’s range of smart power over ethernet lighting because it is compatible with Smartengine technology.

The smart lighting was used to make the working environment as productive as possible by keeping the right lux levels throughout the day. All the meeting rooms and communal areas are connected to smart sensors so as people walk through or occupy an area the lights turn on. When they leave the area, the lights dim and then turn off reducing energy consumption and IKAB’s carbon footprint.

All emergency and illuminated emergency exit signs are self-testing and integrated into the Smart system. Sensor data and graphical dashboards provide data from the sensors so LKAB can better understand how they are using their space.

The smart lighting system that was installed plays a key role in contributing to LKAB’s sustainability ambitions and resulted in a 90% reduction in energy consumption.

Project Info

Year: 2022

Client: IKAB

Location: Derby

Products Used

Sombrero Disc LED Pendant Sombrero Ring LED Pendant Blok Recessed LED Emergency Exit Sign