The Project

At Synergy Creativ, we take pride in delivering cutting-edge lighting solutions that transform workspaces into vibrant and inspiring environments. In this case study, we showcase our project  with Thirdway for Huckletree, a renowned coworking space provider, and how our innovative lighting solutions enhanced their workspace to foster creativity, productivity, and well-being.

Huckletree is a dynamic coworking company with multiple locations across the UK, providing flexible workspaces for entrepreneurs, startups, and established businesses. With a strong focus on community and collaboration, Huckletree aims to create spaces that empower individuals and nurture their growth.

The Challenge

Thirdway approached Synergy Creativ with a challenge: to deliver their reimagining of  Huckletress’s workspace lighting in a way that would enhance the atmosphere, create a sense of harmony, and support the well-being of their members. They desired a lighting solution that would inspire productivity, foster creativity, and provide a welcoming ambience for their diverse community.

The Solution

Understanding Thirdway’s and Huckletree’s vision and requirements, Synergy Creativ embarked on a comprehensive lighting design for their workspace. Our team of lighting experts meticulously analysed the existing lighting infrastructure, taking into account factors such as natural light sources, spatial design, and the specific needs of each area.

Based on our design Synergy Cretaiv provided standard and bespoke lighting solutions that revolutionise the ambience and functionality of Huckletree’s workspaces.

Project Info

Client: Thirdway

Location: London

The Results

The implementation of Synergy Creativ’s lighting solutions had a profound impact on Huckletree’s workspaces.

Synergy Creativ’s project with Thirdway and Huckletree exemplifies our dedication to transforming workspaces through innovative lighting solutions. By integrating adaptive lighting design, creative zone lighting, energy efficiency, and smart controls, we successfully enhanced the ambience and productivity.

Lighting Delivered:

Products Used

Polaris 1 LED Linear Suspended Luminaire Polaris 52 LED Linear Direct Indirect Opal Luminaire Sombrero Ring LED Pendant