The Project

Zentura Workspace, a leading workspace solutions provider, partnered with Synergy Creativ to enhance the lighting infrastructure for a confidential end customer. Zentura had previously assisted this client with an office relocation four years prior, offering comprehensive design and fit-out solutions, showcasing their expertise in creating functional, brand-centric workspaces. This recent project focused on a 16,000 sq ft expansion within the iconic 1 America Square, demanding innovative design and execution.

The Challenge

Zentura’s client sought to elevate their office environment while amplifying their brand identity. The primary challenge was to integrate a lighting system that not only reflected the brand ethos but also offered reliability and sophistication. Understanding the drawbacks of traditional LED tape, the client sought an alternative that emphasized durability and performance. This is where Synergy Creativ stepped in with their RGBW LED linear lighting solution, utilising drivers and LED boards, known for their reliability and superior illumination.

The Solution

Synergy Creativ provided a groundbreaking lighting solution by introducing RGBW LED linear lighting to complement Zentura’s design aspirations. Unlike conventional LED tape, this innovative approach ensured enhanced durability and consistent performance. The use of drivers and LED boards guaranteed reliability, aligning perfectly with the client’s needs for a sustainable, long-term lighting solution.

The Synergy Creativ team worked in close collaboration with Zentura, aligning their lighting expertise with the broader design framework. They tailored the RGBW LED linear lighting to blend seamlessly with Zentura’s striking design vision, incorporating it into the tea point and breakout area, as well as the overall office layout. This approach not only illuminated the space but also contributed significantly to the ambience and functionality, promoting collaboration and productivity.

The meticulous planning and implementation of the RGBW LED linear lighting system by Synergy Creativ played a pivotal role in transforming the workspace. It offered the client a distinctive and reliable lighting solution that harmonised with Zentura’s comprehensive design scheme.

Project Info

Client: Zentura

Location: London

The Results

The collaborative efforts of Synergy Creativ and Zentura resulted in a technologically advanced, visually appealing workspace that encapsulated the client’s brand identity. The integration of the RGBW LED linear lighting significantly enhanced the overall aesthetic appeal, offering a sophisticated and reliable lighting solution.

The finished workspace not only reflected the brand’s essence but also facilitated enhanced staff collaboration, productivity, and engagement. The innovative lighting design from Synergy Creativ not only met but exceeded expectations, contributing to the creation of an environment that promoted growth and success for the client.

The success of this project stands as a testament to the collaborative synergy between Zentura Workspace and Synergy Creativ, highlighting the importance of innovative lighting solutions in redefining modern workspaces.

Lighting Delivered:

Products Used

Polaris 52 LED Linear Direct Opal Luminaire Polaris Box LED Square Linear Pendant Polaris 55T Recessed Trimless LED Linear Luminaire