The Project

A prominent FTSE 100 Fintech Company recognised the need for a comprehensive refurbishment of its Global Datacentre Control Room. The existing environment lacked natural light due to the absence of external windows, leading to concerns about employee wellbeing. In response to this, the company sought to create a more ergonomic and visually stimulating workspace.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to address the absence of natural light, as it was impacting employee wellbeing and productivity. Additionally, the design had to be centred around fostering a positive and connected atmosphere, considering the nature of the company’s operations in the global financial sector.

The Solution

Ashlar Projects took on the challenge, collaborating with Synergy Creativ to develop a holistic solution that not only improved the aesthetics of the space but also prioritised employee wellbeing. The design concept was rooted in the idea of connection and data flow, reflecting the core operations of the fintech industry.

Project Info

Client: Ashlar Projects

Location: London

The Results

The transformation resulted in a rejuvenated Global Datacentre Control Room that not only met the functional requirements of a fintech company but also prioritised the well-being of its employees. The introduction of natural-light-mimicking lighting, modern furniture, and acoustic solutions created an environment that was both visually engaging and conducive to productivity.

The connected layout of lighting fixtures and the bespoke linear lighting installation from Synergy Creativ successfully translated the company’s commitment to innovation and connectivity into a tangible and aesthetically pleasing office space.

Lighting Delivered:

Products Used

Polaris 52 LED Linear Direct Opal Luminaire