The Project

Amid their rapid growth, Adaptive Financial Consulting needed to transition from their office at Heron Tower to a larger, more versatile space at 70 St Mary Axe.

The Challenge

The objective was to design an office environment that fostered informal collaboration and social interaction, aligning with the company’s core values of learning and employee wellbeing. Synergy Creativ collaborated closely with Oktra to provide innovative linear lighting solutions that complemented the new workspace’s design and functionality.

The Solution

Synergy Creativ’s linear lighting solutions were integral to enhancing the office’s aesthetic and functional aspects. The lighting design accentuated key architectural features and created an inviting atmosphere throughout the workspace. Energy-efficient LED lighting was used to align with Oktras Design and Adaptive Financial Consulting’s commitment to sustainability.

Project Info

Client: Oktra

Location: London

The Results

The transformation of Adaptive Financial Consulting’s office at 70 St Mary Axe successfully met the project’s objectives. The new workspace not only enhanced productivity but also brought colleagues together in a social and collaborative environment. The innovative design and thoughtful lighting solutions provided by Synergy Creativ have set a new standard for modern office environments, supporting Adaptive Financial Consulting’s ongoing success and growth.

Lighting Delivered:

Products Used

Polaris 52 LED Linear Direct Indirect Opal Luminaire